(Fwd) How/Why You Became a Librarian

Ralph Huntzinger (ralphunt@kcls.org)
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 10:09:15 +0000

One of the topics that keeps coming up relates to how few/little
"media" topics and philosophy is/are actually covered in an education
from library school. (Also in my case, grammer, syntax, spelling,
correspondence of subject and verb, etc..) Here's a chance to add a
little of our culture to one student and maybe a professor. Just
thought I'd pass on the oppurtunity to let starry-eyed dreamers see
how we view the profession. ("I started out to be a research
physicist, discovered radio, spent 5 yrs in public R/TV, 5 years in
commercial, 2 years free lance, 23+ years in library media, ...")


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From: Elaine Williams <ewilliam@freenet.columbus.oh.us>
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Subject: How/Why You Became a Librarian

(This is a two-question survey that takes from 5 to 15 minutes to
answer. I hope you will find the topic as interesting as I have!)

My name is Elaine Williams, and I am a graduate student at Kent
State University's School of Library & Information Science. I am
conducting a study about why and how men and women choose librarianship as
a career. This survey asks you to tell the story of how you decided to become
a librarian in your own words. This study will be useful to our
profession because knowing how people choose librarianship may have
implications for how new librarians can be recruited.
Your answers to my questions will be kept confidential and anonymous.
There is no penalty for deciding not to answer the questions, nor for
withdrawing answers after giving them. Your cooperation in this project
is voluntary. If you decide to respond to this survey, your words may be
used as direct quotes in the resulting paper; however, your name will not
be associated with these quotes in any way.
If you have questions about this research project in general, or
this survey in particular, please contact me at
or Dr. Mary Machin, my research advisor, at (614) 292-7746. Information
about Kent State University's rules for research can be obtained from Dr. M.
Thomas Jones by contacting (330) 672-2851. Your cooperation in this study
and prompt response are greatly appreciated. Please send your answers by
June 20, 1997 to ewilliam@freenet.columbus.oh.us.

What was your undergraduate major/minor?

How and why did you come to the decision to become a librarian?
You are encouraged to tell about any influences, such as people, work
experiences, series of happenstances or events that led you to choose library
work. Be as candid as you'd like!

May I contact you by e-mail for follow-up or clarification if necessary?
Thanks again for your time and participation!
Elaine Williams
Graduate Student