Re: Video: "No More Secrets" -Reply

Irene Wood (
Mon, 02 Jun 1997 09:44:52 -0500

Booklist is here and was there when the production was first
released. Yes, we reviewed it in the old (16mm film) days--February 15,
1983. Since even I had to search our "archives" to locate our review, I
quote, below, from our our recommendation.

"... the film avoids moralizing or alarming as it advises child victims on
positive actions they can take and warns all young viewers of the
guises of sexual abuse. Ages 6-12"

As I recall, it was one of the first significant films to deal effectively with
the subject. I know many other videos are now available, but I don't
know if they are better or even as good as No More Secrets, whose
approach "lighten[s] the impact without diminishing the import of the
explicit message."

Hope this helps.

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