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My library district adopted an official multi media collection
development policy about two (2) years ago after purchasing video's
for more than ten (10) years. The weeding portion does not include
any specific number of circ's mainly because, in doing our research
over 6 months time to develop the policy, we could not find any sources
that gave a specific number 'or' specific reasons for using the number
of circs as a weeding requirement.

Weeding is based mainly on attrition (wear & tear, total destruction,
theft) but for Fiction (movies), the new policy gave some guidelines
that had not been followed before and we have been weeding the movie
collection based on the "new" selection criteria. Once that weeding
segment is done, any future weeding will most likely be based more on
attrition than anything else as we are being more strict in our adherance
to the selection criteria we developed for the policy. Assuming we make
"good" choices the first time.

The exact wording of the Weeding portion of our policy states:

"The media collection shall be periodically examined to determine
continued relevance to patron needs and selection criteria. Factors
such as usage, physical condition, and the accuracy and timeliness of
the information presented shall also be considered."

That's all; no exact numbers. I interpret 'usage' to mean is the title
still being used rather than how many times has it been played/viewed.
We really have no way of knowing how many times a tape has been played as
we check out videos for 1 week and they could be played once, seven (7)
times or thirty (30) (or more!) over that period. All we can count is the
number of times is has been checked out and it's not necessarily the same

Hope this 'long' explanation was of some use to you. My apologies for the

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On Tue, 27 May 1997 wrote:

> The Saskatoon Public Library has a policy of withdrawing videos after 250
> circs. Do other libraries have automatic withdrawal policies? If so, how many
> circs do you give each video? Thank you in advance for any information.
> Carol Hutchinson
> Saskatoon Public Library