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Gary Handman (
Fri, 23 May 1997 08:38:28 -0700 (PDT)

Heheheh... That's a good one, Ellen.

What you're wishin' and hopin' for is something we have all been in
search of for years. I understand that Silver Platter is about to mount
a web-based version of AVONLINE (access for a subscription fee, of
course)--that's a pretty pale substitute for some universal Videos in
Print database. The real issue, of course, is non-theatrical video (for
movies, the Facets and Movies Unlimited catalogs and Ingram and B&T
probably cover the majority of the universe). For non-theatricals, we're
all at sea.

A few years back some Video Round Table folks got together with reps from
Gale, Bowker, Pierian Press and others to discuss the issue of national
videography. Nothing really came of it. The development of individual
distributor/producer catalogs really doesn't get at this issue either,
since you can't search across databases. OCLC is, of course, just about
the closest thing to a national on-line videography at present--the big
problem is that imprint info doesn't always (or even mostly) reflect
distribution source.

Using web search engines to locate specific titles is a real crap shoot
(although you can get lucky sometimes...e.g. I did a recent search for
Satya: A Prayer for the Enemy, and lo and behold--up popped the POV website)
The problem, again, is the relative current dearth of distributor info on
the web and the general problem of web-morass...

I have little hope for this problem ever really being sufficiently
addressed, but I do put a lot of stock in the collective knowledge of the
folks on this listserv...


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On Fri, 23 May 1997, Ellen Druda wrote:

> This may be a naive question, but is there a source on the Internet where
> you can just plug in a title of a video and the distributor pops up?
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