Indian Films

Sita Venkateswar (
Thu, 22 May 1997 11:44:22 +1200

I came across the announcement that was posted about sources for Indian
videos. I too have a long list of films for a course that I will teach next
year and am trying to locate sources from whom I can either purchase the
films, or at worst, borrow. I'm including my preliminary list here so if
they correspond to any that you have found sources for, please let me know.
They would all be required to be subtitled in English.


Devi by Satyajit Ray (Bengali)
Subarnarekha by Ritwick Ghatak (Bengali)
Aakrosh by Govind Nihalani (Hindi)
Manthan by Shyam Benegal (Hindi)
Mandi by Shyam Benegal (Hindi)
Umrao Jaan by Muzzaffir Ali (Hindi)
Ghare Bhaire by Satyajit Ray (Bengali)
Umbartha by Jabbar Patel (Marathi)
Ek Din Pratidin by Mrinal Sen (Bengali)
Bhumika by Shyam Benegal (Hindi)
Aakaler Sandhaney by Mrinal Sen (Bengali)
Yuganta by Aparna Sen (Bengali)
Fire by Deepa Mehta (Hindi/English?)
36 Chowringhee Lane by Aparna Sen (English/Bengali)
Ghattashraddha by Girish Karnad (Kannada)
Thaneer Thaneer by Balu Mahendran (Tamil)
Suraj Ka Saathvan Ghoda by Shyam Benegal (Hindi)
Sardari Begum by Shyam Benegal (Hindi)
Daasi by Narsingh (Telegu)
Bandit Queen by Shekhar Kapoor (Hindi/English?)


Sita Venkateswar
Dept. of Social Anthropology
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