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Sorry, I was away for a week an then too busy to look for the essay. I
believe your instructor may be looking for Sontag's _A Note on Novels and
Films_. I found it in the paperback (First Delta printing) 1967 edition of
_Against Interpretation_, pp. 242-245. The bibliographic information is
quite messy but there is a note that it had been originally published in The
Supplement of The Columbia Spectator (no dates or other information are given).

Hope this helps.


>I know that strictly speaking this is a film studies question, not a
>video question, but many of you are film studies librarians too. Oksana,
>are you out there? Gary? Rick? Anyway, here's the question.
>I'm looking for an article by Susan Sontag that was published in
>Spanish. A film studies professor wants it in English and thinks it may
>also have been published in English. We looked in _Film Index
>International_ and _Film Literature Index_ but had no luck. Any other
>ideas? Maybe another index or a collection of Susan Sontag's writings.
>We don't have any collected works that are recent enough to include this
>The topic of the article is making novels into films. It discusses
>Fasbinder's _Berlin Alexanderplatz_, _McTeague_, and _Greed_. Here's the
>Sontag, Susan. De la novela al cine. Revista de Occidente (Madrid),
>(1984), vol. 40, pp.21-31.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated!
>Kristine Brancolini
>Indiana University Libraries
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