War films

Maria Koehmstedt (Maria_Koehmstedt@clatsop.cc.or.us)
Tue, 06 May 1997 12:57:40 -0700

I deleted Beth's message before it occurred to me that I might be able to help.
Beth, if you have access to a large library or can get a librarian at a large
library to look something up for you, it's possible that other locations for
the book you found in OCLC, that is missing, are listed in The National Union
Catalog. This was the big ILL resource before OCLC and is still the best
source for locating older materials. MANY older materials have never been
entered into OCLC. You'll probably have better luck getting help with this if
you speak with an older librarian. I recently had a conversation with an ILL
librarian about the fact that the younger ILL people are failing to help
scholars because they don't know about NUC.

Good luck with your quest!


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