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stann (
Mon, 05 May 1997 16:59:37 -0400

Yo Jim,

Thanks for your interest in the Fair Use and Right of First Sale
issues. And I agree, as to enjoying intellectual debate.

In your post you state . .
>One of the original purposes of the 1976 Copyright law was to more
>clearly define the copyright holder's rights regarding poetry. As you
>know poetry in book form consists of a single author's works or a
>compilation of various authors, and usually, poems are very short.
>I'm not sure that the use of "excerpts" in this mind frame would be the
>same as a making a copy of a video from a video or TV show and then
>using excerpts from that copy.

I refer you again to URL -- -
About half way down the page you'll find another hot link to
Addendum (Historical and Revision Notes & House Report No. 94-1476).
About 20 to 25% into that file you'll find AGREEMENT ON GUIDELINES FOR
RESPECT TO BOOKS AND PERIODICALS, where mention of poetry is made.

Furthermore, I suggest you read that file in its entirety. I'm pretty
sure it delves into Broadcast and Cable TV issues. It also wouldn't
be a bad idea to visit the Copyright Office Link where you'll not
only find the entire Copyright Act but many related links.

An aside to Jim, Gary, Kate, Karen, Stan and others that are following
this discussion - while reading the Copyright Act, the Guidelines and
other related documents under the realization that Lawyers, by and
large, drew them up, I'm inclined to agree with the Bard, as to where
one should start. Maybe together we can simplify and spread the word.

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