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Hi Stann,

I really enjoy this type of intellectual debate and I have one more kernal
of thought to muddle the pot. One of the original purposes of the 1976
Copyright law was to more clearly define the copyright holder's rights
regarding poetry. As you know poetry in book form consists of a single
author's works or a compilation of various authors, and usually, poems are
very short (1-2 pp). I'm not sure that the use of "excerpts" in this mind
frame would be the same as a making a copy of a video from a video or TV
show and then using excerpts from that copy. I'm not sure that would be
construed as "Fair-use." Making a copy of an entire video, I don't
believe, would constitute "Fair Use." Taping a copy of a TV program from
cable TV or satellite transmission is not covered under the "Off air tape
guidelines" - that only covers Broadcast Media - but it may apply. The
educational exemption would sseem to apply for copies, but then what rule
would take precedent for the time one could hold those copies (remember,
off-air taping guidelines are really only a number of consecutive days for
one class - then allowing preview for another time period)? What do you
folks think" . On Sat, 3 May 1997, stann wrote:

> Claudia Smith and Pat Means -- copying parts of copyrighted video=20
> tape(s) for use in classroom presentations is permitted by copyright=20
> law. See the URL -- -- where you=20
> will find a link to the Fair Use Doctrine -- Copyright Act =A7107.=20
> Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair Use and =A7108. Limitations on
> exclusive rights: Reproduction by libraries and archives. Reproduction=20
> rights are granted to schools that intend to use the material in a=20
> face-to-face, teaching environment. You will also find a link there
> to the US Copyright Office so that you may conduct your own research.
> I hope this helps to dispell many misconceptions and confusion
> that apparently affects teachers and librarians.
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