television programs

claudia smith (cvisnich@COMMUNIQUE.NET)
Sat, 03 May 1997 20:38:44 -0700

stann wrote:
> To Kate Spohr, Karen E. Sayer, Stan Diamond and others that requested I
> notify them of a research project in which I am currently engaged. It is
> an attempt to firmly establish that Public Libraries DO NOT have to
> purchase public performance rights for videos. It also offers insight
> into the right of reproduction which Ralph Huntzinger discussed in his
> most recent posting.
> The URL --
> I'd appreciate all the help I can get on continuing this research and I
> look forward to e-ing from any and all interested parties.
> --
> Stan Nicotera
> President
> S.I. Video Sales Group
> PO Box 968
> Englewood, FL 34295
> E-mail:
> Internet: http://www.sivideo.comHow do I find out which television programs are available for purchase?
Need help on this one.