Wolf Children

Maria Koehmstedt (Maria_Koehmstedt@clatsop.cc.or.us)
Thu, 01 May 1997 17:50:31 -0700

I've been so impressed by how helpful people on this list are to one another.
Our campus has been having e-mail problems, so this is my third attempt to get
this question to the list. Since my Blackhawk message made it, maybe this one
will too. We have a faculty member who is very interested in the wolf child
phenomenon. One of her students told her that in the past year she had seen a
television program about children in Midnapore, India who were taken to an
orphanage run by Rev. J.A.L. Singh. The children had been raised by wolves.
Does anyone know what the program was and how to get a copy?

Thank you,

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