Re: Libraries renting cassettes?

stann (
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 07:38:37 -0400

>Stephan Chodorov (in your posting you say) In fact, on the cassettes >from this company, Creative Arts Television, there is a label saying
>that the material is just for research and classroom use --
>commercial exploitation is prohibited, together with copying,
>broadcasting, etc. Are these caveats just ignored? Suppose it also
>said *and not to be rented to other institutions*? A reality check
>here would be much appreciated.

Stephan, if you put a label on your cassette that said *to be watched
by green people only* would that be OK? It is not up to the seller to
limit the usage of a video any more than the law allows. When you sell
a casstte you are subject to the copyright laws. Hollywood, in the early
80s tried to stop videos stores from renting, and we all know the
results. Why should libraries be held to a lessor standard?

Stephan, you say a reality check would be appreciated. I believe
we all need a reality check regarding this issue.

I am presently researching the law regarding same as well as the Fair
Use Doctrine which is part and parcel of the Copyright Act. Anyone
wishing to access the results please advise me accordingly.

Also, Gary, would you like me to post the results and/or link them
to a site? They will be most interesting and may produce quite a stir.

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