Media circulation procedure

Christopher lewis (
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 16:34:26 -0400

Hello All,

At the American University Library, we circulate our media materials
using a NOTIS circulation system - but we also use a paper software loan
form. The form is a duplicate - one half to the professor and one half
for our files.
It is most commonly used for:
1) tabulating multiple-use statistics - it has a "group size" field
2) keeping track of adjunct professor's phone numbers - which the
circulation system doesn't always list accurately
3) providing a receipt to remind professors when something is due
4) physical proof that an item has been returned - there is a "returned
date" field where a professor can request her/his copy to be signed by a
desk attendant as evidence
5) signed statement of replacement responsibility for borrowed material
in the case of loss or damage.
6) copyright statement
and 7) a paper trail that is valuable when trying to determine where a
missing tape might have wound up.

The form is very time-consuming - with a few exceptions, one needs to be
filled out for every title.

So the question is, does anyone have a simpler, faster way of keeping
track of this information (statistics, phone numbers, due date receipt,
borrower liability, etc) - short of buying a whole new circulation
system? The part-time staff is restless.

Chris Lewis, American U