Re: DVD - the last word

Steven Kramer (
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 02:36:16 -0400

Consider this a rhetorical question, or just reply to
instead, anybody...
At 03:10 PM 4/17/97 -0700, Philip Fryer wrote:
>There are
>several web sites references mentioned that are worth a look:
> and
What's odd is, IMA's DVD SIG page was last modified on 01/23/97 and their
front page over a month ago. The second address leads to pages that look
about 3-6 months out of date. This is almost the same as - described earlier on
videolib by Kristine Brancolini as "woefully out of date -- May 1996."
Usenet's is also anemic. Considering the wildly erratic
quality of early releases, shouldn't we expect *more* news rather than less?