DVD - the last word

Philip Fryer (PDF@mailgate.loyola.edu)
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 17:45:36 -0400

Just a tease line. Seriously, guys, I recommend a wonderfully concise
article by Jeff Carmona in the current _T.H.E. Journal_ (April 1997)
entitled "DVD Promises to Change the Face of Optical Media". There are
several web sites references mentioned that are worth a look:
www.ima.org and www.videodiscovery.com/vdyweb/school/dvd.htm.

Personally, I would put DVD-ROM drives, and DVD players in next year's
equipment budget (some no doubt have them in this year's) but this is a
judgement call. What is not judgement is that DVD is coming. Technical
squabbles are just that. Market forces will decide.

Philip Fryer