Ralph Huntzinger (
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 17:21:38 +0000

Basically, it takes about the same amount of staff time to look up
by name. We are not policefolk granting access to information
but rather advocates for providing access to information. (We do
request that they bring their library card, next time.)

KCLS does a two step sort of thing when the patron does not have the
library card (actually the identifying number): 1) look up patron by
name and ask what their birth month and day is -- we have it
programmed to show in the list of registered patrons, and 2) pull up
that record and asking for other information like address or phone
number. If we match the person in front of us with that
information, we check-out materials and take holds. Of course, if
they have photo id, we do the same thing. If there is any real
question we have them fill out a new form and match that up with the
existing record, or make a new entry.

We do not allow them to use another person's record (but do let them
use another person's card -- funny sort of distinction there, aye?).
They can not check-out stuff for their brother, mother, mate, etc.
unless they have the card. We also take holds over the phone and
require a number for that transaction.

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