WW1 Propaganda videos

William Stinson (bstinson@laurel.ocs.mq.edu.au)
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 18:50:35 +1000 (EST)


Check the cd-rom 'Cultural Connections' which lists the holdings of the
National Film and Sound Archive.

There were a number of films produced for propaganda and recruitment purposes
during the First World War. But most have not survived. Fragments of 'The
Hero of the Dardenelles' have survived, but not 'If the Huns Came to
Melbourne. Also, there were propaganda animated cartoons. Some of these are
at the Archive in Canberra. Contact them about access and possible

The execution of Edith Cavell inspired a number of films in Australia but
I don't if any bits have survived. Since Cavell was English there were
probably similar films with a propganda intent made in Britain as well, and
perhaps in the US also.

For more details get the lecturer to check out Andrew Pike and Ross
Cooper's Australian Film 1900-1977.


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A lecturer has asked me to find out if there are any World War I propaganda
videos. So far my catalogue searching has only produced World War II
propaganda videos. Any ideas?
Karen Malbon
The University of Melbourne Library