CNN eating healthy series -Reply

Carole Clemens (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 10:58:16 -0600

The 1996 revised edition is available from NCES, Nutrition
Counseling Education Services, 1904 East 123rd St., Olathe
KS 66061-5886, 1-800-251-9349.

Carole Clemens
Albertsons Library
Boise State University

>>> Erin McCaffrey <>
04/10/97 07:26am >>>
I am trying to locate distributor information for this series,
which is composed of 3 different sets of videotapes about
eating and nutrition, produced by Turner Multimedia between
1990 and 1993. There is an 800 number listed on the tapes,
which is no longer in service, and I have had no luck with the
distributors I have tried so far.
Any help would be most appreciated!

Erin McCaffrey
Acquisitions Assistant
DePaul University Library