Re: Looking for video on Battle of Kursk

Dave Ofiara, Adirondack Community College (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 10:07:41 -0400

At the beginning of the Reagan administration, PBS was showing a series
entitled the "Unknown War". It was a multi-part series of approximately 10-14
hours on the war between Germany and Russia 1939-1945. Each part deals with a
different segment of the campaign, i.e. Moscow, Leningrad, Battle of
Stalingrad, and the Battle of Kurst. The underlying thesis of the series is
that most of WWII was a battle between Germany and Russia. When you look at
casualties, resources, and duration of the German-Russian conflict it's kind of
hard to dispute this. However, at the beginning of the Reagan administration
this was not a popular view.
Anyway, the series is unbelievably good. I would recommend it for any
library or history collection. It's shot with mostly never before seen Russian
and German footage, and the video on the tank battle at Kursk is the very best
segment of all the excellent segments.
Could someone post to the list the current source of the "Unknown War".
I want to purchase this for my college video collection.

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