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Oksana Dykyj (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 10:26:00 +0000 (HELP)

Dan Donnelly wrote:
Has anyone any experience with Turner Home Entertainment titles which might
suggest they're a bit sloppy with film to video transfers? I've got a 1991
release of the 1944 movie, Murder My Sweet, which has five glitches, all
apparently some sort of reel transfer and at each lines of dialogue are lost.
>I don't know why there are that many reel changes and there may not
actually be, I've not seen the tape but am taking the film study professor's
word on this. Anyway, does anyone have any similar experience with other
Turner titles or this particular title?

It's hard to tell what the problem is without seeing the "glitches". It
certainly can be related to reel change since 2000 foot reels became the
standard for 35mm projection in 1936. This would mean that there would be a
reel change every 20 minutes. One way to check whether the glitch occurs at
reel change is to see whether there is a mark on the upper right hand side
of the image followed by another one 10 seconds later. The first mark
signals the projectionist to turn on the motor on the second projector while
the second mark indicates that the shutter on the first projector should be
doused. What typically occurs is that the end of the first reel becomes
progressively dirty as is the beginning of the next reel. It can also be
quite choppy as leaders get chewed up and cue marks eat into the body of the
film meaning that you can miss some dialogue or even experience a "jump" in
the action. So if this is the case in your situation, I would supect that
the video master used to produce the VHSs would have done from a very well
used release print. Alternately, you may just have a defective VHS tape and
I've seen video glitches that last about a second and affect the sound. I
purchased a batch of really defective SVHS tapes last summer that produce
about 5-6 glitches per tape affecting both the image and the sound.

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