Re: Renaming "Audiovisual"

Maria Koehmstedt (
Wed, 09 Apr 1997 18:04:27 -0700

You've pressed one of my Pet Peeve buttons.

As scholars and professionals, we should be the people who treasure the English
language and its power to communicate exact ideas. We should not be the people
misusing the language! I know it's one of those things where someone misused a
word and others did, too, without thinking about what they were saying.

>From Webster's 3rd: "media pl of medium"
"medium 3. something through or by which something is accomplished, conveyed,
or carried on
3c.esp. a channel, method, or system of communication, information or

The word "media" encompasses many things from paint and stone to CD-ROM. To
call a department housing only some of these materials "media" is a misnomer,
a misuse of the English language. Let's leave "doublespeak" to the
politicians! (By the way, there is a magazine called "The Quarterly Review of
Doublespeak" that is great fun.)

Audio-Visual is a graphic, understandable description of the department.

Maria Koehmstedt

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