Re: Video Needed Showing Development of a Child's Brain

Eugenia Bryant (eubryant@nslsilus.ORG)
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 11:54:24 -0600

Thank you to Gary for the referrals! Once again a solution to a patron's
request! I'm so impressed at the expertise on this list. It certainly
pays to be a lurker here.

Thanks again,


>The Annenberg "Discovering Psychology" series includes a number of
>segments which might be useful:
>The Developing Child.
>Program 5 details the impact of heredity and environment on children's
>development as it explores the nature vs. nurture debate.
>Language Development. Program 6 describes how psychologists search for
>truths about the mind, society, and culture by studying how children develop
>complex language skills and use language in social communication.
>Ambrose Video offers the excellent series "Childhood" which might be useful
>PBS' "Mind" series includes a number of installments on early childhood
>Insight Media's excellent "Time to Grow" series is a very good bet.
>Good luck!
> Gary Handman
>Media Resources Center
>Moffitt Library
>UC Berkeley, CA 94720-6000

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