Barcodes on videos

janice coles (
Tue, 8 Apr 97 19:29 EDT

Dear Video Librarians,

We are in the process of automating for the first time. We want to be able
to put the barcodes directly on the videos, to save the step of opening the
case to ensure that the video has been returned. Our first choice is to use
the cases that have a hole cut out on the long side of the video case,
because these would fit under our scanner. We would then put the barcode on
the long side of the video.

The problem is, we have been told that you should not put any labels on the
side of the video that goes into the machine first. However, we have noticed
that many videos come with manufacturer's labels already there!

Does anyone have any experience with putting labels on the 'in' side of
videos? Also, any other words of wisdom on this subject will be greatly

Janice Coles
Niagara Falls Public Library, Ontario, Canada