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Stan Gilliam (
Mon, 7 Apr 1997 09:48:59 -0700

How about Electronic Media?

A related story: A few years back we had a Public Relations Director who
insisted in using the word "media" in every other sentence-- referring, of
course to Broadcasting and Publishing ..." THE media. So I asked him to
desist, since we had copped the use of the word before he came. I think he
wanted to call his office "Media Relations."
Luckily he did not last long, and the department has since been named
"College Relations."
So, in the Media Center we now throw the word around with impunity.;
We set up a viewing/listening area in the library calling it the Media
Alcove. I think someone on the Media-L listserve came up with this name.
Good luck.

At 06:38 AM 4/7/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Lisbeth Goldberg:
> We, too, at Booklist have struggled with this tricky nomenclature.
>Actually, I found it a victory, several years ago, just to change the
>"Nonprint" section (after twenty-some years) to "Audiovisual Media."
>Yet that, too, seemed a bit archaic (evoking the images of hand-threaded
>16mm film projectors and 8mm loops), so we have emerged under the
>current rubric of "Media"--quick, clean and to the point.
> The term neatly encompasses the videos, CD-ROMs, videodiscs, audio
>and audiobooks that we currently recommend as well as any emerging
>format(s) that we may all need to tussle with.
>Just a view from the ivory tower of a review journal!
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>American Library Association
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