Audio listserv (?)

Georgia Adams (
Fri, 4 Apr 1997 11:25:00 -0600

I would also like this listserv for audio cassette. You can respond
directly to me also. Thany you
Georgia Adams
William Jewell College
Liberty, Missouri 64068
LRC Department
REPLY FROM: Georgia Adams
A little far afield from this listserv but ...

Does anyone know of a listserv (like videolib) for Audio cassette selectors?
Please send responses directly to me at:


L. M. Lockley Phone: (314) 926-7323
St. Charles City-County Library District Fax: (314) 926-0869
Kisker Road Branch
1000 Kisker Road E-mail:
St. Charles, MO 63304-8726

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