Re: Land and Freedom availability

milos (
Thu, 03 Apr 1997 14:49:56 -0800

Gary Handman wrote:
> We bought Land and Freedom from Ingram--no problem. Don't know why Facets
> often takes so long to deliver. Milos...are you out there to answer this
> question?
> Gary Handman
> Director
> Media Resources Center
> Moffitt Library
> UC Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
> 510-643-8566

As it happens, unfortunately the specific LAND AND FREEDOM shipping
problem was due to Polygram skipping the item on our purchase order.

But, Gary, I hope that you're not serious about that "often" because
I would certainly be happy to engage in any kind of challenge about
our fulfillment record. The reason I'm so certain of this is because
I know how many gray hair we've all grown tracking down vendors who
disappear, don't ship, change their price AFTER we've placed the order,
or come back after six months of being pestered by us with letters,
faxes, phone calls to say that the tape is now out of print. What would
YOU do if Image (the ONLY source) for the laser disc version of Louis
Malle's "Au revoir les enfants" kept saying, for over a year, that they
plan to re-duplicate this title "soon?"

To get videos to customer we not only STOCK some 26,000 individual titles
but maintain the vigilance of German shepherds, the viciousness of
a doberman pinscher gone haywire, and the perseverance of an English pit
bull to get our customers their tapes on time. It's not perfect. But it
IS 99.4%.


Milos Stehlik