Producer/Distributor List (redux)

Gary Handman (
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 09:02:43 -0800 (PST)

Hi, all! We'll I've continued to plug away at the web list of video
( discussed here a few
weeks back. I hope those of you who have not yet had a chance to scope
it out will do so.

I've assembled what is a very basic core list of "ususal suspects" with
some quirky guys thrown in for good measure. What I could use from all
of you at this point are suggestions for additions to the
list--interesting or important sources which I've left off. I'd also
like to hear back generally about ways in which this list might be made
more useful (e.g. would it be helpful to segregate theatrical/hollywood
producer/distributor entries from non-theatrical/educational sources?)

In the next few months, I will probably be migrating big chunks of the
Berkeley Media Center web site over to the library's SunSite, and
reformatting the entire database (God help me) into an SQL database.
What that means is that the entire site--inclusing the distributor list
will be complexly searchable. I'll be able to establish descriptive
fields for these records, so that we can input descriptive terms for each
distributor/producer entry. Stay tuned!

Gary Handman
Media Resources Center
Moffitt Library
UC Berkeley, CA 94720-6000