"Ethnic" Images

Thu, 20 Mar 1997 20:16:47 -0700 (MST)

I highly recommend the Marlon Riggs video "Ethnic Notions", and also
"Slaying the Dragon", both previously noted on this list.

Riggs produced another video covering the depiction of African Americans
on television. Title: "Color Adjustment"

Other titles to consider are:

Latino images (1988, Deep Dish TV
When you think of Mexico: Commercial images of Mexicans
in the Mass Media - (1986, Pinata Publications)
Reel Indians (1979, Native American Public Broadcasting
5 parts Consortium)

Depending upon your interpretation of "ethnic" you might also be
interested in:

Dreamworlds 2: Desire
Sex Power In Rock Video (1995, Media Education Foundation)
Women Seen on Television (1991, Letting Go Foundation)
Celluloid Closet
Homosexuality in
the Movies (1996, Columbia Tristar Home Video)


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