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There have been numerous articles written about this subject. My area of
intrest is films until WWII, so, I would recommend "Behind the Mask of
Innocence Sex, Violence, Prejudice, Crime: Films of Social Conscience in the
Silent Era" by Kevin Brownlow (London: Jonathan Cape Ltd, 1990). The various
forms of entertainment in this period such as burlesque, vaudeville, movies
and then radio depicted minorities and immigrants in terribly prejudicial
yet widely accepted ways. For example, Fannie Brice's specialty was not
singing yiddish/hebrew songs but she was billed for a very long time as
singing "coon" songs! There are numerous characterizations in films until
WWII of gangsters being Italian, cops being Irish, all Chinese own or work
in laundries etc.

As for working on a film list, I would suggest that you examine the index of
films discussed in Brownlow's book for that period in film history.


>I have another odd video request. I have been asked to find
>videos that depict/discuss ethnic stereotypes, such as Italian
>and Irish. I have found movies that would certainly depict a
>somewhat stereotypical image, but does anyone know of any more
>scholarly approaches?
>As always, thanks for your help.
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