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Tue, 18 Mar 1997 09:46:24 -0800 (PST)

Please respond directly to Susan Drickson <>
NOT the vidlib list.


Gary Handman
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Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 13:37:31 -0500
From: Susan Erickson <>
Subject: video/film collection survey


I attempted to post the survey below to the videolib list, but was
unsuccessful. Could you post it for me? Many thanks.

Dear colleagues,

I would greatly appreciate your taking a few minutes to fill out the survey
below. Many thanks!

General information:


Respondent & title_______________ Phone #___________E-mail________________

Staffing level: Professional_________FTE
Other(Para-professional, clerical,
Student Staff__________________hours/week

Are you part of the library?___________ Other(explain)_______>
Does the library have a collection of:
16mm films: Yes (number)________ no______
videocassettes: Yes (number)_________ no_______
laserdiscs: Yes (number__________ no_______
Do you actively add to the collections?______________


1. Does your library arrange 16mm or vhs rentals for classroom use?
16 mm rentals: yes(#/year)________ no_________
Video rentals: yes(#/year)________ no_________

1.a. If not, who does?

1.b. Was the library ever responsible for arranging
rentals?(Please explain)

2. Does your library pay for 16mm or vhs rentals for classroom use?

If your library pays for rentals, are there any charges assigned to
patrons, faculty, or departments (for overdue films, cancellations, other)?

2.a. If not, who does?

2.b. Did the library ever pay for rentals?

3. Does your library handle equipment distribution associated with
media use in the classroom?

4. Under what circumstances are films & videos rented? (Please mark
all that apply.)

a. Item not available for purchase
b. Widescreen version of feature film not available for purchase
c. Item available for purchase, but backordered; may not arrive in
time for classroom use
d. Item available for purchase, but not enough lead time given to
secure and process purchased copy
e. Item available for purchase, but requestor has not previously
viewed film (i.e. future use is not definite)
f. Other, please explain

5. Does your institution have a film studies program?

5.a. If yes, does the presence of that department/program affect rental
decisions, purchases, or staffing?

Fair use and access issues:

For items that the library owns:

Do items circulate? 16 mm____________ video__________

Classroom use only? 16mm____________ video__________

Circulate out of library? 16mm_________ video___________
to faculty?
other staff?

On permanent reserve in library with viewing facilities?

Are films and/or video recordings shelved in open stack areas?

Do items circulate to campus clubs and activities (please explain)

Are any items being broadcast or digitized?


or by snail mail to:
Susan Erickson
Trinity College Library
Music and Media Services
Hartford, CT 06106-3100