Re: video cases

Jim Scholtz (
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 12:06:02 -0700 (MST)

Since I don't know what kind of case you are looking for (ex. full
sleeve-clear with spool holders, no sleeve, bottom squeeze open-end, etc),
the price/quantity you might be interested in, or the vendor from
which you currently buy, or vendors that you might have tried in the past,
I'll give you this information: If you buy from Demco, Gaylord, Baker &
Taylor, Professional Media Services, or Ingram you're probably paying too
much. We have purchased from many vendors and found two to be quite
reasonable in price, delivering good quality: Specialty Store Services,
6115 Monroe Ct., Morton Grove, IL 60053 (800) 999-0771; and Video Store
Shopper, 8100 Remmet Ave., Canoga Park, CA 91304 (800) 325-6867. Call
these numbers and ask for catalogs - prices for full-sleeve $0.49 ($49 per
carton of 100, price decreases 10+ cartons. In larger libraries where I
have worked, I have also gone direct to the manufacturer for some really
deep discounts but we're talking an order of 5-10,000 video cases. If you
want information on manufacturers, just e-mail me and I'll give you the
infor. J. Scholtz

On Tue, 11 Mar 1997, SIMCHIK, SHIRLEY wrote:

> Hi,
> I hope this is an appropriate request for this listserv.
> I am looking for a new supplier for video cases. I am hoping that
> someone out there can give me a lead as to a source that is cost-
> effective, prompt, and quality-oriented.
> Thank you.
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