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>We are looking for a video that talks about both the good and the bad
>that's out there on the Internet--something that talks about the
>misinformation, the hate, and the porn as well as all the good stuff. I
>did find one called "Cybersafe" reviewed in Booklist. I've also found
>some on cyber hate. But I'd really like one that has a positive viewpoint
>but with some cautionary warnings. Any suggestions?
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Moving Images Distribution handles a video that may or may not be specific
enough for you. It's called HI-TECH CULTURE, is 52 minutes long, and looks
at the impact of changing technology on society. Included in this is one
10-minute segment called "Sex, Lives, and Cyberspace" that features Dr.
Avodah Offit, author of Virtual Love, two people talking about on-line
relationships (one that developed, one that didn't), and commentary on
cyber chat lines.

The video also features discussion on other topics, such as: the billion
dollar games industry, the impact of changing technology on education, the
role of new technology in fighting crime (public kiosks for Crimestoppers
tips), and the
effect of technology on Art (virtual reality projects).

If you are interested in a more detailed description, please let us know.

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