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Consider HIGHWAY TO CYBERIA one of David Suzuki's 'Nature of Things'
programs produced by the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company). It
examines new computer technology and where it is taking us, points
out its capacity to fundamentally change our way of life, and
questions how realistic or desireable this new world vision really
is. Although a 1994 production it is still provides a broad enough
overview to encompass more recent technological advances.
(The 'Nature of Things' series are all excellent.)

Contact CBC Educational Sales, Box 500, Station A, Toronto Ont.M5W1E6
Fax: 416/205-3482 Tel: 416/205-6384

Anne Roney, London Public Library, London Ontario

We are looking for a video that talks about both the good and the bad
that's out there on the Internet--something that talks about the
misinformation, the hate, and the porn as well as all the good stuff.
I did find one called "Cybersafe" reviewed in Booklist. I've also
found some on cyber hate. But I'd really like one that has a
positive viewpoint but with some cautionary warnings. Any
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