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Anne Roney (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 17:53:23 -0500

Re: Westerns with Crow Indians
Some suggestions:
Jeremiah Johnson (1972)
Bridger (1976)
Windwalker (1980)
Triumph of a Man called Horse (1983 - sequel to A Man called Horse)
Little Big Man (1970 - filmed on a Crow reserve using Crow actors)

Information gleaned from "The American Indian In Film" by Michael
Hilger and "The Pretend Indians:Images of Native Americans in the
Movies" edited by Gretchen M. Bataille.
Hope this is useful, Anne Roney, London Public Library, London

I have a lecturer searching for westerns which feature the Native
American tribe, the Crow. Can anyone suggest some titles?

Thanks in advance,


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