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Peace Stories
Directed by Anne Johnson
1991, Color, 28 minutes
Video 1/2" $150 / 3/4" $200
Rental 1/2" $65 / 3/4" $75

"There we were swapping cigarettes and beer where 30 minutes ago I'd have
killed you or you'd have killed me. All those boys had been killed on bo=
sides, armistice was declared, and there we were having a party. That's =
I decided war wasn't a thing in the world but greed of the upper class, a=
nd I
think it's horrible." - William Farmer, World War I veteran

"I was only human and that's what war does to you It reduces you to
something other than what you could have been." - Jack Wright, Vietnam =

In Peace Stories, three men from the South recount their war experiences =
discuss how their views of war were affected by participation. William
Farmer, a North Carolinian, served in an armoured tank battalion in Franc=
e in
World War I. He describes the trench warfare and killing that took place
even after the announcement of armistice. Connie Bolling, a schoolteache=
from Flat Gap, Virginia, was recruited by the Department of Defense durin=
World War II to train cyclotron operators in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where =
were secretly making the enriched uranium which went into the first atomi=
bomb. He describes the reaction at the plant when the news came that the
bomb had been dropped on Hiroshima and his own feelings of having
participated in this act of mass destruction. Jack Wright, a Vietnam vete=
from southwest Virginia, describes an experience where he felt he was
responsible for killing a prisoner of war, and how difficult it has been =
him to recover. Archival material is intercut with the conversations:
carrier pigeons in the trenches during World War I; security checks at O=
Ridge; snapshots and news material from Vietnam. Peace Stories will put =
study of war into a human context as it graphically illustrates the impac=
t of
war on the ordinary people who carry out the decisions of generals and

"An extremely engaging, moving videotape, it speaks eloquently against wa=
without ever uttering the cliches of the peace movement. As three veteran=
recount their experiences, they remind us boldly of the horror and
foolishness of war. I plan to use Peace Stories as widely as possible, fo=
r it
has a simple credibility that is both challenging and disarming" - Anth=
Flaccavento, Director, Appalachian Office of Justice and Peace, Catholic
Diocese of Richmond

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Earthpeace International Film Festival Special Merit Award
Peace & Justice Activists, National Organizers Alliance =9196 - Screening=
Western Psychological Association Conference '95--Screening
Kentucky Educational Television
WSWP/Beckley, WV

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