Re: Saints videos

Chris Reinhart (creinhart@CASTLE.CUDENVER.EDU)
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 12:21:08 -0700 (MST)

>Does anyone know of any videos about Christian saints that would be
>suitable for a public library? I've checked my publishers' catalogues,
>other libraries' collections, and Bowkers, but to no avail. I'm new to
>video collecting, so I may have missed a vital source!
>The patrons for these are mostly older elementary school/younger high
>school students doing class projects. PPR titles are preferred, but if
>they are too costly, home use is fine.
>Information on Canadian distributors would be a bonus!
>Thanks for any leads.
>Janice Coles
>Cataloguer & Audiovisual Librarian
>Niagara Falls Public Library, Ontario, Canada

Ms Coles,
Just yesterday in the mail we received a video catalog from
Wellspring Media, Inc. (65 Bleecker St., New York, NY 10012, 1-800-538-5856)
with a set of videos titled "Passion of the Saints" (E8411, $49.95). Some
of the description they have about it is as follows: "Examine 2,000 years
of sainthood, from St. Stephen, martyred just five years after Christ's
crucifixion, to Fr. Kolbe, the Polish priest who volunteered to die at
Auschwitz so that another might live. Discover that while all saints are
holy, some were hardly "holier than thou". Meet controversial candidates for
sainthood ... Uncover the little-known criteria for becoming a saint and
learn the intriguing differences between "saints" and "mystics" ...

This may be geared more for an adult audience, but not having seen it
I don't really know.
Hope this is some help.

Chris Reinhart
Collection Development
Auraria Library
University of Colorado at Denver

(By the way, their web site is: