L.A. Is Burning

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Here's the information you're looking for on L.A. Is Burning. Penn State
has this, but it's in a collection restricted to use within Pennsylvania
only. Hope this helps.

Title L.A. Is Burning: Five Reports from a Divided City (F90697)
Physical Color; sound
Copyrighted 1993
Length 87:00 min
Distributor PBS Video (PBS)
Audience YA

Synopsis Presents an in-depth view of the April 1992 Los Angeles
riots as seen through the eyes of representatives of the
four different cultures -- African-American, Korean,
Latino, and white -- involved in the conflict. News clips
provide a sense of the history, anger, and frustration
behind the upheaval, which came in the aftermath of the
Rodney King beating. Includes comments from such varied
sources as government officials to the "man on the street."
Produced for PBS' Frontline series.

Subjects Black issues and people; Crime and criminals; Cities and towns;
Racism; Civil rights; Social / ethnic groups in America

>I seem to remember a title sort of like: "Is L.A. Burning?
>Does that ring a bell will anyone?

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