Re: 1992 LA Riots

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Thu, 6 Feb 1997 16:50:03 -0800 (PST)

Check out the following:

Birth of a Nation: 4x29x92.
This hard-hitting documentary offers a rare view of the
L.A. rebellion which erupted within minutes of the verdict that acquitted
the four police officers accused of brutally beating motorist Rodney
King. With the hand-held immediacy of combat coverage and set to the best
of rap and hip hop, the video maker follows the events on the street, all
shot at the epicenter of the rebellion where businesses burn, emotions
explode and Black and Latino communities refuse to sit back and take it.
62 min. Third World Newsreel

The Fire
This Time. Through interviews with civic leaders, politicians and Los
Angeles city residents film examines social conditions in Watts and
other areas of inner city Los Angeles which have led to violence and
rioting in the past. Critiques past governmental policies which have
failed to correct the problem and makes suggestions for future solutions.
90 min. Available from Rhino Home Video

Hands on the Verdict: The 1992 L.A. Uprising.
Film probes the issues surrounding the civil unrest
following the Simi Valley,Calif. verdict in the Rodney King police brutality trial.
Examines also the South Central Los Angeles community of Watts, the truce
between street gangs, the Crips and the Bloods, and the persistence of
racism and police brutality in the L.A. Police Dept. 54 min. Deep Dish

L.A. is Burning: Five Reports from a Divided City.
One year after the Los Angeles riots, Frontline revisits
the city. Tracing the chronology of events from the moment the Rodney King
verdict was announced, through the next 72 hours of riots, to present
day L.A. 87 min. PBS

The Nation Erupts.
An experimental view of the Los Angeles rebellion, this
video explores the media depictions and omissions around the beating of
Rodney King. Going beyond the nightly news soundbytes into the rage of urban
communities throughout the nation, this tape demystifies the riots and
lends a human face to the national rage. Also contains footage on community
initiatives to stop the violence, Black and Korean organizing for peace,
and the undercovered Latino community's response to the beating. 58 min.
Third World Newsreel

No Justice...No Peace: Young, Black Immediate.
Interspersed with film clips of the Rodney King beating,
filmaker interviews Afro-American college students in California concerning
their experiences of racism, police harassment and the commonly percieved
identity of Afro-American men as violent. 15 min. Third World Newsreel

The Rodney King Case: What the Jury Saw in CA v. Powell.
Presents the key portions of both the prosecution and
defense cases. Condenses
150 hours of gavel-to-gavel coverage and includes the 81
second amateur
videotape which recorded the events that occurred during
the evening of March
3, 1991. 116 min MPI Home Video

Explores the embittering effect the Rodney King verdict
rebellion had on a
group of Korean American women shopkeepers. It underscores
the shattering
of the American Dream while taking the media to task for
playing up the
"Korean-Black" aspect of the rioting. This film provides a
perspective that is
essential to discussions of the L.A. riots, ethnic
relations, and racism in the
United States. 39 min. California Newsreel

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