Recommendations for computer-related videos
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 16:02:22 -0500

A professor at this community college is looking for videos to teach the
fundamentals of computers, such as: types of computers (super, mainframe,
micros) and how they process information; overviews of application packages,
both productivity (word processing, dbase, spreadsheet, etc.) and systems
packages; how database managment systems are developed and used; and systems
design and analysis.

She does not want instruction in how to use specific software
programs, but rather, the concepts. I realize there are many
computer-related titles available--I'm hoping to hear of some recommended
titles (series would be nice) that are current and are appropriate for this

I did locate some potential titles via a quick search of OCLC, but I am having
difficulty locating phone numbers for the following producers/publisers--

J3 Learning Corporation (Virtual Training Centre series)
Learn PC

Any insight into these specific producers and their programs would also
be helpful.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!
Many thanks,
~ Margaret A. Devereaux Media/Collection Development Librarian ~
~ Cayuga Community College ~
~ Auburn, NY 13021 315 255-1743 x291 ~