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There is an italian version from 1920 but your instructor is probably
thinking of the 1910 Edison version. My memory is that a collector has the
only remaining complete print of this film and is negotiating or in the
process of having videos made of this. I'm not 100% sure about this
information, there is a degree of myth associated with this type of thing.
To answer your question, there are video companies that advertise in film
ethusiast publications who claim to have this title in excerpted format
only. You might want to contact LSVIdeo, Inc who advertise this title along
with a number of other shorts from the first ten years of this century for
$9.95. their web site is at

But remember, buyer beware...


>Have I got an off-the-wall one for you all this time...
>A professor saw "Great Books--Frankenstein" (a Discovery production)
>on television recently and saw what was apparently a clip from a
>Frankenstein movie made **prior to** the famous 1931 Boris Karloff version.
>He's interested in finding out what this movie was and whether there is a
>available. I'm not having much luck and, frankly, my feeling is that
>short of contacting the exec. prod. of the above (which, of course, I
>have no idea how to do!), I won't have any luck...but I thought I'd at
>least ask. ANY IDEAS?
>Susan Albrecht
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