Re: Poli Sci Prof. wants A/V suggestions

Nancy Grayum (
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 11:24:11 -0800 (PST)

This year we opened five new lecture halls, each with
the following features which have been heavily used and

Ceiling mounted video projector which projects to a
permanently mounted center wall screen from all sources
contained in a media cabinet/console at the front of the

The media sources, room lighting, audio volume are all
controlled by the prof with a remote touch panel, also
contained in the cabinet.

The media sources in the cabinet include:

Computers (both Mac & Windows), including ethernet access
& CD Rom drives
VCR, including campus cable access
Laserdisc player, including barcode reader
Slide projector (video output)
16mm projector (video output)
Document camera

We have wireless microphones which also send through the same
audio system. Specialized headphones/receivers are supplied
to hearing-disabled students so they can turn up the sound as

The touch panel allows the prof to toggle between projected
images; that is, s/he can go from a laserdisc clip to a web
page or a videotape image with the touch of a button. They
have "sub-menus" for each item; that is, when I select VCR
as the source, then a touch-activated remote for the VCR
pops up on the screen.

The document camera has been extremely popular for it's ability
to zoom in on original copies of documents or photographs; also
geol or anthro artifacts, or chemistry models & reactions. Caution
people not to consider this an overhead projector, however; the
platform still requires the "horizontal" video aspect ratio, thus
if their transparencies require a "portrait" orientation in a
full 8x11.5" image, they should use the standard overhead
projector. We have those in each room too.

And, video slide projectors are ok for some things, but hard
science, not. Geologists and biologists are looking for much
clearer image and focus capability than can be offered with
the video signal compromise.

Our media engineering department worked closely with an outside
contractor to install all of this, they get kudos from me; I
have the privilege of being the trainer of faculty members who
use these halls.

Any questions, feel free to contact me, I can put you in touch
with the engineers or whomever....

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