Re: Video delivery

Jim Glenn (
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 09:23:02 -0800

The Media Library here is part of the Media Resources Department which use
to be part of the University Library, but now reports to Computing and
Communications. Even though we aren't part of the Library we do house and
maintain its collection of media. We also are the language lab and campus
playback center. I am the only staff member. Some of our classrooms are
equipped with VHS and laserdisc players and monitors and some still need
equipment delivered. We are working to upgrade more classrooms as funds are
availbale (we all know how that goes don't we?). The instructors, either
faculty or teaching assistants, teaching in the permanently equipped rooms
check out materials from the Media Library. When equipment needs to be
delivered to a classroom then Media Services delivers the video, laserdisc,
or film with the equipment and picks it up after the class and returns the
materials to us. Our Media Resources staff members worked with some our
campus computer experts to develope an on-line media ordering system for our
campus, which we call Mediamax. It's only been in operation for this school
year and needs of few minor adjustments, but seems to work very well
over-all. Faculty or staff can order any equipment they need, a student
operator, and the materials all through our system. They can also peruse
titles in the collection by department, keyperson, series, language etc. It
has eliminated all of the paper work that use to cover our desks and the
related problems from people claiming they turned in a written order that
can't be found. All orders are on the computer which identifies who placed
the order, cancelled an order, and when. So there can be no blame unjustly

I prefer that Media Services deliver the materials to the classroom because
I get the materials back in a more timely fashion. Most faculty are pretty
good about returning materials that they check out, but there are a few who
think they own a video once they check it out and it's like pulling teeth to
get it back. And since I'm the only staff member here I have enough to do
without baby sitting faculty.

Jim Glenn
Head, Media Library
University of California, Riverside