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You've asked the $10K question... The issue of outfitting classrooms for=
future pedagogy and learning is a real (and wildly expensive) Pandora's=20
Box... At the risk of clogging everyone's in-boxes, I'm listing below a=20
group of web sites for institutions which are far down the road in=20
grappling with classroom renovation and upgrade...


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Selected World Wide Web Sites Concerning Classroom Technologies and other=
Issues Related to Instructional Technology

The sites listed below are also accessible via the following web site: =20

Classroom Development

Columbia University

=09A web site which describes Columbia=D5s Multimedia Classroom=20
Project--a group of multimedia classrooms jointly constructed and managed=
by the school=D5s Academic Information Systems (AcIS), the Office of the=20
Registrar, and Facilities Management under the auspices of the campus=20
Multimedia Classroom Committee.=20


=09Description of the five highly-wired classrooms managed by MIT=D5s=20
Academic Computing Services, along with overviews of lower-end rooms=20
managed and scheduled by other central campus service units.

Northwestern University

=09Describes the work of the university to develop =D2smart=20
classrooms=D3 on the Evanston campus--teaching and seminar facilities=20
equipped with advanced instructional multimedia technologies. The web=20
site provides information regarding resource availability, training=20
programs, scheduling, and classroom support. Examples are also provided=20
of some of the more interesting and visionary current uses of these=20

Ohio State University
( 8075/htbin/htimage/classroom/
=09An informational site jointly mounted by Classroom Support and=20
Public Computing Sites. Information regarding location, scheduling,=20
training, technical support for classrooms outfitted with multimedia=20

University of Michigan
=09Proposal for a Change in the Support Model for Electronic=20
Classrooms at the University of Michigan. An interesting (if rambling)=20
meditation on the need for changing the model for delivering technology=20
to the classroom, written by a staff member of U Mich=D5s Office of=20
instructional technology. This document is part of a larger library of=20
texts maintained by the UM OIT related to instructional tech=20

University of Pennsylvania

=09An overview of U Penn=D5s comprehensive program for classroom=20
renovation and upgrade. The project has been on-going for the last four=20
years and is being administered by a Classroom Facilities Review=20
Committee chartered by the university provost.

University of Virginia

=09Describes the UV Classroom Technology Initiative--a collaborative=20
endeavor between several units to develop facilities, services, and=20
projects which employ new teaching and learning technologies. Includes a=
description of initiatives headed by the campus Media Resources Center to=
develop classroom technology standards and a multimedia classroom=20
management structure.

University of Washington

=09The University of Washington=D5s UWIRED project is a partnership=20
between UW=D5s computing/communications units, the undergraduate library=20
and the undergraduate affairs office to create a integrated learning=20
environment using technology. Part of the project involves the creation=20
of electronic classrooms--Collaboratories=D3--conducive to collaborative=20
learning and small group teaching.

University of Wisconsin
=09Site concerns a pilot project by the Division of
Information Technology (DoIT) in conjunction with the Space Management=20
Office (SMO) to develop a strategic plan for campus support of multimedia=
classroom environments.

Instructional Technology/New Media Sites

Association for Educational Communication & Technology (AECT)
The Association for Educational Communications and Technology is the=20
leading international organization representing instructional technology=20
professionals. The mission of the association is to provide leadership=20
in educational communications and technology by linking professionals=20
holding a common interest in the use of education technology and its=20
application to the learning process.

Institute for Academic Technology (IAT)
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill=D5s Institute for Academic=
Technology (IAT) is dedicated to the proposition that information=20
technology can be a valuable tool for increasing the quality of student=20
learning, increasing access to education, and containing the costs of=20
instruction. With generous support from IBM, the IAT facilitates the=20
widespread use of effective and affordable technologies in higher=20

New Media Centers (Apple Computers)

Digital Libraries
Proceedings of the First Annual Conference on the Theory and Practice of=20
Digital Libraries=20

Index to Multimedia Information Sources