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Thu, 30 Jan 97 11:57:06 EST


We also have two media centers. One contains the collection, which is
part of the library, and is also a viewing and listening lab.

The other media center, housed in a seperate building, is the
distribution point for the media equipment. Student assistants, as
part of the set up, pick up tapes from the library media center and
deliver them to the classroom with the equipment or by itself if the
equipment is already in the room.

This has always worked well for us. We do not have enough student
assistants to provide delivery service from the library.

Pat Means
Austin College
Abell Library Educational Media Center
Sherman, TX 75090

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Subject: Video delivery
Author: at internet
Date: 1/29/97 1:13 PM

I'm curious for responses from any academic media librarians
out there who can let me know if and how they handle delivery.

Here at Ithaca College, the collection of films (16mm) and videos
are part of the library. A separate media services dept. (not
part of the library) arranges for equipment distribution and
projection, but every classroom also has a TV/VCR combo so
faculty can show their own tapes. We deliver the 16mm prints
we own or rent to the media services people, but as it now
stands, we also deliver virtually every video cassette to
every faculty member who asks. The tapes are checked out in
their names on the library's circulation system, delivered to
the dept. secretary a day or two before showing, and then
picked up again by us from the secretary's office a day or two
after showing.

I'm curious to know if other LIBRARIES do this. I know that
a lot of media centers do deliveries, but do libraries --
with all the library procedures applying, such as loan periods
and fines -- also deliver and pick up. We don't deliver any
other items in the library's collections, only videos. Just to
give you an idea, 9 days into the semester we have nearly 500
deliveries and pick ups scheduled, of which approximately 325
are videos (as of 1 pm today).

I appreciate any comparative comments that can be offered. They
can come to me personally (JROZGONYI@LIBER.ITHACA.EDU), unless
there's lots of interest on the list in general.

Thanks -

Jay Rozgonyi
Media Librarian
Ithaca College