RE: Video delivery

Wed, 29 Jan 1997 14:43:44 EST

I could not even consider delivering videos to faculty here at Fanshawe. Too
many requests, too little staff! It is the responsibility of faculty, to book,
pick-up and return media software to the library. Long before I joined the
college, deliveries were made to faculty, but that only lasted a little while
and then the collection and the demand grew to such a size that we could no
longer offer that service. If you calculated staff time in delivering/retrieval
of your software I'm certain the total would be staggering. Good luck in trying
to remedy your situation. I've had to "pull the plug" on a variety of services
we offered in the past. The faculty was not pleased but they all survived!

Elaine J. Vitali
Media Services Librarian
Fanshawe College Library
London, Ontario