Info on videos

Judy Richter (
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 10:07:13 -0800 (PST)

I have instructors who want to use these videos in their classes and need
your assistance:

Fall of Eagles - instructor says this one is older and concerns Mayerling

The Day the Universe Changed - instructor says this has old and new versions/
I can't info concerning old versions which
of course is what she wants.

Homophobia in the Workplace
Shades of Gray
Power Dead-Even Rule - Instructor heard about these three videos at a
conference but did not have any info on them except names.

Junk Science: What You Know May Not Be So - instructor heard about this
one from someone who had no vendor info.

The Country Crows - student needs for a class presentation but does not
remember what televsion program she saw it on. It is about their new album.

Who's Right - early 80's video / one in a series on management / ends up
problem was of the structural nature. I came up empty on tracking this one.


1) I am still looking for up-to-date (in the 90's) videos on serial
killers from the psychological perspective. Something along the style of
Mind of a Murderer which already use.

2) Still looking for another good up-to-date series to place of 1988 The
Mind series.

Thanks everyone for your assistance. Have a great week.

- Judy

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