VRT Dinner in Washington DC

Christopher lewis (clewis@american.edu)
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 11:17:11 -0500


If any Video Round Table members on the videolib listserv plan to go to
the ALA-VRT Midwinter dinner on Friday, Feb. 14, I need to submit an
advance head count to the restaurant (City Lights of China) by this
weekend (Feb. 1). Presently the list stands at 16 responses.

If you would like to go but have not notified me, please send email (to
clewis@american.edu) or call me (202/885-3257) to express your interest.

So far, the list includes the following members (using initials to
semi-protect anonymity):
RP + 1 CL LG + 1 KB
PF + 1 IW PM BA + 1

If you responded already but your initials are not included, please try

The details:

The dinner is open to all VRT members attending the ALA Midwinter meeting
in Washington DC (it's also open to VRT members living in the area but
not attending ALA Midwinter). We are going to meet at 7:00pm Feb. 14,
1996 at City Lights of China, 1731 Connecticut Ave. - located just north
of Dupont Circle. It is within walking distance of many of the hotels.
>From the Convention Center, the easiest way to get there is on the Metro
(subway), the Metro Center station is located across the street from the
southwest corner of the Convention Center (bring a compass), get on a Red
Line (Shady Grove) train and proceed two stops to the Dupont Circle
station. [DO NOT GET ON a Red Line (Wheaton) train or a Yellow or Blue
Line train, cause, like, that's the wrong way.] Upon exiting at the
Dupont Circle station you will ascend one of the world's longest
escalators. At the street level turn to your right and you will be facing
Connecticut Avenue. Cross the street and go left up the street. City
Lights of China is about two blocks up and is located on the subterranean
level of a building, the stairway is just off the sidewalk, and they have
an easel sign that is usually right on the sidewalk.