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I hope this isn't tooting our horn inappropriately, but we distribute a
number of well-received and very popular titles dealing with tourism and
its effects on the people and places where it occurs. I'll list a few below
with very brief descriptions. If you (or anyone) would like additional
information, please contact me directly.

Trekking on Tradition
Explores the effects of mountain trekking by Europeans and Americans on the
traditional practices, culture, and environment of Nepal. 45 min., 1993.
"Best of Festival," Ethnographic Film Festival, Sardinia; Gold Apple, Natl.
Educational Film Fest; Margaret Mead Fest honoree; and American
Anthropological Assoc. selection.

The Toured: The Other Side of Tourism in Barbados
Examines the experience of tourism from the point of view of those who are
"toured," in this case on the Caribbean island of Barbados. "This is one of
the best films ever made portraying the human side of the tourist-host
encounter." -- Prof. Nelson Graburn, Dept. of Anthropology, UC Berkeley
(and Assoc. Editor of "Annals of tourism Research," a scholarly journal
dealing with tourism). 38 min., 1992. Also an American Anthropological
Assoc. selection.

Kantik'i Maishi: Songs of Sorghum
Illustrates how the rise of a tourism-based economy has changed the
traditional African-derived cultures of Bonaire and Curacao in the
Caribbean. 58 min. 1992. Latin American Studies Assoc. Award of Merit and
American Anthropological Assoc. selection.

Set in Stone
A documentary on the international controversy over access to Stonehenge in
England. Some 10,000 tourists a day want to visit the Stonehenge site, even
though their very presence is causing the site to deteriorate owing to
environmental stresses and pollution. 24 min. 1995. Natl. Educational Film
Fest Award and again an American Anthropological Assoc. selection.

You or your professor may also be interested in pursuing information about
a show called "Tourism in the 20th Century: Twelve Videomakers Investigate
Tourism." The works were selected and shown at Los Angeles Contemporary
Exhibitions (LACE) in the summer of 1995. You could probably get a list of
the titles shown by calling LACE at 213-225-1046.

Hope this helps!

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> I have a faculty member who would like to purchase videos on tourism
> and the tourism industry. I've looked in the Video Source Book,
> Bowker's, and through a few catalogs and have come up with items that
> are tours but nothing on the tourism industry itself. Any suggestions?
> Thanks much!
> Sharon Almquist