Re: Video review index??

Gary Handman (
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 16:02:36 -0800 (PST)


We have the following works in our collection with deal with ozone
depletion and/or global warming, all fairly good:

Assault on the Ozone Layer (Fragile Planet). (Films for the Humanities
and Sciences)

Alterations in the Atmosphere (Fragile Planet). (Films for the Humanities
and Sciences)

Only One Atmosphere (Race to Save the Planet; 2). Annenberg/CPB Project

Kris mentioned Hole in the Sky, a Nova piece which may be out of
distribution currently.

As far as review indexes go: Media Review Digest tends to be
reprehensibly behind the times and paltry in its coverage.

I usually scope out various subject indexes for particular topics--eg:
the MLA for English/Humanities stuff; America History and Life for US
history titles; magazine index or current contents of the NYTimes online
for general interest stuff and for coverage in certain specialized journals

By the by: I have been attempting to put as many review cites as
possible into the web site records for titles owned by MRC (check out, for
e.g. I've also included
full-text reviews of older titles from the ABC-CLIO Video Rating Guide
for Libraries.

Other than than...we're all at sea in the same small, leaky boat...


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