Gary Huggins (
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 16:28:24 -0500


> Saskatoon Public Library's entertainment video collection consists of classics

> s,
> foreign films and current releases. We are investigating the feasibility of
> allowing patrons to request or place holds on these items. We would appreciate

> e
> a response to the following questions as well as any other comments you care
> to make.
> 1). Do you purchase current releases?

> 2). Do you accept holds on entertainment videos?
> 3). Do you limit the number of holds one patron may have? If so, what is the
> limit?
> 4). Do you purchase extra copies of a title to meet demands? If so, do you
> have a pre-determined ratio of number of requests to the number of copies
> purchased?
> 5). What if any impact on your materials budget has this had?
> We would appreciate a response by January 31. Thank you for your time.
> Carol Hutchinson
> Saskatoon Public Library